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Robin After School Club

Our childcare facility offers sessional care after school. They offer your child a safe, stimulating place in which to play or take part in activities and crafts.


We pride ourselves in delivering OUTSTANDING childcare for working parents. Children will be collected from school by members of our staff and escorted to the club where they will be able to freely play with their friends, take part in activities such as outdoor games, arts and crafts, messy play, baking etc or enjoy the variety of toys and games available.

Opening hours and prices

A minimum of two sessions per week are required to attend either the Breakfast Club or After-school Club.

3:15pm - 6:15pm: £11 per session


Register for a place

To enquire about availability please email robinclub@outlook.com. We will contact you by email or telephone to confirm if we have a space. Once allocated a place you will have the chance to come and visit to give yourself and your child(ren) the opportunity to meet our staff and have a chance to look around the facilities.


• All booking patterns will be deemed as continuous until written notice is received. The contract is continuous.

Any booked sessions cannot be swapped or cancelled.

Reducing your regular sessions requires 30 days notice. An increase in sessions can be accommodated depending on availability. All changes to bookings must be emailed to robinclub@outlook.com.


Waiting List

Our waiting list will be based on the following criteria:


Children who are currently attending the club and wish to add additional days

If children already have siblings at the club

A child requesting Monday - Friday

Fees are charged monthly and are due on or before the 1st of each month and should be paid electronically.

Absence due to sickness and any holidays taken by families during term time must still be paid. We do not charge if we are closed.

School holidays are not included in the calculation of monthly fees.  Holiday Club is to be paid for separately.

Food and Drink

Children will be offered a healthy light tea at 4.30pm which they can

prepare themselves from a menu devised by the children’s

own suggestions.


Children can access drinks throughout the session.


If you are going to collect your child from school on a booked day,

you must inform us by 2:00pm to allow us to adjust collection


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